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Who I am
My name is Giorgio, I'm 15 and I live in Italy.
Since childhood I was interested in everything that could be created via computers. At 9 I started creating terrible designs using GIMP, and, at 10, using GameMaker to create really simple platform games.
Now, after 5 years, I create designs for important associations and make applications using Java, Python, Kotlin and C++, trying to do the best for you.
In every design, in every app, in every other terrible things I do you'll see, there will be my passion, because, without that, I wouldn't be here.
What I do
I make desktop and console applications, algorithms, Telegram bots, Minecraft plugins on commission on the programming side, and designs on the graphic side. I'm also learning Android and back-end development.
My prices are low and transactions are done through PayPal.
Useful links
Telegram GitHub SpigotMC